Bee inspector demonstratingBeekeeping for Beginners course.
The 2022 course starts on Saturday 5th February 2022 at 10:00am.
To secure your place on the course contact Richard Simpson (education@edbk.co.uk) or go to the Beginners course Page HERE.
Warning to all beekeepers.
We are getting reports of colonies being desperately short of stores.
Check your bees NOW!
If they need feeding use fondant placed as near the brood as possible.

Dear Members, prospective Beginners and Site visitors,

Covid 19

As Covid restrictions are tightening once again, we will be opening the 2022 Beginners programme on Zoom starting on Saturday 5th February and continuing until mid April when we hope outside apiary activities and practical instruction will be possible.

For Beginners’ enquiries email Richard Simpson at education@edbk.co.uk, or look under the Beginners pages on this site. We will update the details as the situation evolves.

Our winter events for existing members will also continue following the programme advised to members in our monthly newsletter.

Help and advice is still available via Committee members and Mentors. As soon as circumstances permit we will resume normal meetings.

In the meantime, please feel free to browse the site and contact us as needed.

Alasdair Bruce (Chair)

East Devon Beekeepers AGM 2021

Held at Kilmington Village Hall, November 4th 2021. There were 30 attendees.

East Devon Beekeepers (EDBK) are a branch of Devon Beekeepers’ Association (DBKA) and as such we are obliged to hold an Annual General Meeting once a year to elect the officers and Committee for the coming 12 months. In addition, members can catch up with what has been happening over the last 12 months and have their say in the organisation and running of the group.

In order to conduct the meeting efficiently the minutes of the 2020 AGM, plus the various reports had been distributed prior to the meeting.

Our President, Hilary Kirkcaldie, opened the meeting with a warm welcome to everyone and began the business of the meeting.

In a slight departure from normal, our Treasurer Keith Bone gave a further explanation of the Annual Accounts and management of EDBK funds. As a charity, our remit is NOT to accrue a profit. Richard Simpson asked where we were financially compared to last year. Keith explained £16,000 this year compared to £14,000 last year.

Keith followed this presentation with an explanation of how the branch finances are managed, emphasising that all East Devon branch assets belong to DBKA. He outlined the various ‘year periods’ under which we operate – Financial Year Oct – Sep, Beekeeping Year Jan – Dec, Gift Aid Year April 6th – April 5th, BBKA/BDI Year Oct-Mar and Apr-Sep, Then AGM year Nov-Nov.

Our expenditure for running the branch covers the Beginners Course, maintaining the teaching apiary and Bee Shed and covering costs of meetings.

Julie Harvey asked who the branch accounts were submitted to. Keith explained that Devon Beekeepers’ Association are the charity and they are responsible for providing accounts to the Charities Commission. East Devon is just a part of that charity and so prepares accounts to DBKA who amalgamate them with the other branch accounts for submission. These accounts are then presented to all members at the Devon AGM in December. Members found these notes very helpful.

Following the above business, the President presented this year’s Basic candidates with their certificates and Morgan Shore was the recipient of the Craythorne Cup (highest marks awarded in the assessment and he now benefits from a free year’s membership courtesy of the branch).

In another departure from tradition, Honiton Show had been held as a two day show to ease overcrowding in marquees and attractions. It was felt that the covid safety setup limited our opportunities to speak with the public and resulted in a huge amount of work right through from the Wednesday morning to the Friday evening. Next year the Show is programmed to last one day only.

There followed a minute’s silence in remembrance of members Malcolm Jenkins and Shane Dorrington who both sadly passed away in September.

Election of President and Officers of the branch for 2022

President Hilary Kirkcaldie
Chair Alasdair Bruce
Treasurer Keith Bone
Secretary Val Bone
Committee Hilary Kirkcaldie, Richard Simpson, John Badley, Keith Bone, Val Bone, Alasdair Bruce, Ralph Cox, Rosemary Maggs, Colin Osborne, Mary Boulton, Peter Weller, Sarah Collins, Ann Pengelly, Stan Wroe, Mike Walters, Rhiannon Hodson
Branch delegate to DBKA Executive Committee Alasdair Bruce

Val Bone will also be Membership Secretary, Richard Simpson will be Education Officer and Keith Bone will be Apiary Liaison Officer.

Honiton Show Committee members will remain the same as last year (Keith Bone, Ralph Cox, Angela Findlay, Sue Johnston, Mike Walters and Sarah Collins).

The business part of the evening was followed by a presentation from some members about the Tools and Techniques used for removing bees from difficult spaces. Our thanks to Helen Bithrey and her team of helpers who provided a welcome refreshment break during which members could drink tea and catch up on all the latest news and gossip.

News & Events

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