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Covid 19

As Covid restrictions ease we are beginning to ‘open up’ the Bee Shed and have well spaced out meetings in the apiary.

Some meetings continue via Zoom video conferencing. Read your copy of ‘Buzz’ for details.

Our 2021 Beginners course has now finished but the practical sessions are going ahead as restrictions ease.

Help and advice is still available via Committee members and Mentors. We are optimistic that the situation will improve further so watch this space!

Please feel free to browse the site and contact us.

Alasdair Bruce (Chair)

Bee Rescue – the cut out.

East Devon Beekeepers received a call to rescue a colony that had taken up residence in a stud wall. The house was due to be demolished and the owner was concerned for the bees (and the demolition crew). Nick, Sarah and John took up the challenge.
The house had a history as a bee residence. The picture shows the marks from a previous cut-out several years ago. This time the bees had found a very small hole into the adjoining section of the stud wall (arrow) and created a cosy home inside.
Removing the cladding revealed a neat and compact colony, probably a swarm moved in earlier this year, with brood on most of the combs. This makes them easier to handle.
Cutting out
Starting at the left-hand side, each comb was cut out and handed down to the others, who cut the comb to fit an empty frame and held it in place with rubber bands. The frames were put into a poly nuc straight away. During this process, Sarah spotted the queen.
When complete, the nuc was set up with the entrance about 2 ft from the now empty nest site and left for the stragglers to find their way ‘home’. Job done, nearly.

Later that evening we returned, in the rain, to find a full colony of bees. It was a simple job to close them up and take to an apiary.

After three days
After three days the bees had fastened the comb to the frames and had already chewed up most of the rubber bands (see photo). The queen and her family are doing well. Hopefully, they will make a good starter colony for a Beginner next year.


News & Events

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