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For Sale & Wanted

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For Sale
Child bee suit

BJ Sherriff bee suit
Age 10 – 12
Hardly used
Telephone 07535 987 648
Posted Jan ‘19


Can you help?
Jo, who lives in Exeter, is looking for unfiltered bees wax for candle making.

If you have any suitable material please contact Jo on 07522 959 372 or jokath3@yahoo.co.uk
Posted Aug ‘17

For Sale

SAF spinner

SAF Compatto tangential honey extractor complete with stainless steel sieve and settling tank, as new. £200


Guide to Bees and Honey by Ted Hooper. £8

Contact Chard 01460 68361

Posted Feb ’18

For Sale

I have two WBC hives for sale;

Contact: robertsorrell2@gmail.com Phone: 078877 10629

Never used, assembled.

1 x Varroa Floor (Including Mesh) with inspection tray.
1 x Gabled Roof with metal lid and 2 x cone escapes
1 x Lift with porch
2 x Lifts
1 x Brood box.
2 x Super boxes
1 x Crown board with 2 x Porter Bee escapes.
1 x queen excluder
1 x Sliding entrance blocks.

Price £300.


1 x Varroa floor mesh and inspection tray
1 x Gabled Roof with metal lid and 2 x cone escapes
1 x Crown board
1 x brood box
3 x supers
1 x lift with porch
3 x lifts
1 x sliding entrance block


Posted Jun ’18

For Sale

National hive kit except where indicated.
1 Brood box + 6 Hoffman frames

1 Nine frame nuc box

3 Brood box dummy boards

1 Zinc queen excluder

1 Pack wired shallow foundation

1 Large box frame pins

2 Round feeders

2 Honey buckets

1 Stainless double strainer

1 Fine mesh sieve (for honey bucket)

1 Rectangular settling tank with tap

1 Honey bucket pouring aid

2 Conical sieves

1 Mouse guard

3 Pairs WBC sliding mouse guards

1 Pair long leather gloves

1 Pair wrist gauntlets (as new)

1 Uncapping knife

1 Drone uncapping comb for varroa control

Bits and pieces including spare metal runners, varroa floor mesh, cut comb cutter and containers

Frame display case for super frame

All above for £200

National 5 frame observation hive/nuc box + dummy board and frame feeder, built in queen excluder, crown board and nuc lid. £100
Enquiries to Cliff Marriott, Colyton pamandcliff66@gmail.com , mob: 07951 316145. I can supply photos

Posted Feb ‘18