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For Sale & Wanted

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Can you help?
Jo, who lives in Exeter, is looking for unfiltered bees wax for candle making.

If you have any suitable material please contact Jo on 07522 959 372 or jokath3@yahoo.co.uk
Posted Aug ‘17

1 to 3 colonies required for beginner beekeeper.
I have hives and all the kit – just missing some bees.
Happy to collect. Contact Carlo – 07936 669009.
Posted Oct ‘17

For Sale

SAF Compatto tangential honey extractor complete with stainless steel sieve and settling tank, as new.  £200

SAF spinner

Bee suit – Bee Farmer by Sherriff.  Size L – XL chest 40” – 46”. Still in packaging.  £40

bee suit in pack

Sherriff Bee suit – size L – XL. Used but complete. £20

bee suit old

Guide to Bees and Honey by Ted Hooper. £8

Contact  Chard 01460 68361

Posted Feb ’18

For Sale

National hive kit except where indicated.

1 Brood box + 6 Hoffman frames

1 Nine frame nuc box

3 Brood box dummy boards

1 Zinc queen excluder

1 Pack wired shallow foundation

1 Large box frame pins

2 Round feeders

2 Honey buckets

1 Stainless double strainer

1 Fine mesh sieve (for honey bucket)

1 Rectangular settling tank with tap

1 Honey bucket pouring aid

2 Conical sieves

1 Mouse guard

3 Pairs WBC sliding mouse guards

1 Pair long leather gloves

1 Pair wrist gauntlets (as new)

1 Uncapping knife

1 Drone uncapping comb for varroa control

Bits and pieces including spare metal runners, varroa floor mesh, cut comb cutter and containers

Frame display case for super frame

All above for £200


National 5 frame observation hive/nuc box + dummy board and frame feeder, built in queen excluder, crown board and nuc lid. £100

Enquiries to Cliff Marriott, Colyton pamandcliff66@gmail.com , mob: 07951 316145. I can supply photos

Posted Feb ’18


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News & Events

Nosema Testing at Hunthay Apiary
Please note that on Thursday 12th April between 1000 & 1230 there will be an opportunity for you to test your bees for Nosema.
Members should bring samples (c.30 bees) from each hive.
Calling Notice for the rescheduled Devon Beekeepers’ Association Annual General Meeting
Download details: DBKA Calling Notice 2018
Please note that the Raffle Draw for the cedar wood hive donated by National Bee Supplies will take place on 7th April, so still time to buy tickets if you wish.
BBKA documents fyi
Spring Convention
Note: Now rescheduled for April 7th at Meldon Village Hall
Devon Beekeepers Day Raffle Prize!
Dear Member,
You will recall I gave details of the Devon Beekeepers Day in your February Buzz. We now have the raffle tickets available for the National hive kindly being donated by National Bee Supplies. Tickets can only be purchased by members and are priced at £2 each. See your emails for details of how to purchase raffle tickets.Proceeds from the raffle go to the Presidents Fund which in turn helps to support bee related projects throughout the county.The beekeepers day on March 3rd promises to be an interesting event (your February Beekeeping magazine has all the details) – so come along if you can. Regards, Val

Gove – UK will back total ban on bee harming pesticides Click link to see details

Asian Hornet in North Devon
The National Bee Unit has confirmed a sighting of the Asian hornet in North Devon which was spotted by a beekeeper in their apiary on the 18th September 2017. The contingency response has been initiated and a press release has been issued by Defra.