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For Sale & Wanted

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For Sale

Superinox Lega 50kg
Honey settling tank with 2 carrying handles. With mesh filter in top section and valve at the bottom. 61cm high 33cm diameter. Stainless steel. vgc £150

Tangential 3 frame manual extractor and honey tank with tap. 90cm high x 43cm diameter vgc £150

Thorne’s refractometer only used once. Was £86.71. £50

Merten and Storck Kochstar A3000 S automatic water heater £30

Corsair water boiling cylinder for sterilising frames £30

Please contact Katherine on 07899 962 175 or at krcpi@icloud.com
Posted Mar ‘19

For Sale

TWO green National hives each one comprising floor, roof, crown board, queen excluder, TWO broods and THREE supers plus 11 super frames with wired wax. £130 each

ONE brown National hive comprising as above but only ONE brood and ONE super plus 11 brood frames with wired wax. £80

[I also have TWO home-made hive stands which can be included in a purchase of two hives or more if wanted.]

ONE 5 – frame nucleus with crown board. £30

ONE of each – Maisemore jumbo rapid feeder, frame feeder, contact feeder, rapid feeder and English feeder – £25 the lot

Dummy board, 2 hive tools, uncapping tool, press-in metal queen cage, large S/S smoker (with repaired bellows but working), 9 Apiguard sachets (best by 05/21) – £25 the lot

Beige fencing veil bee suits (from the beeshop.co.uk) in very good condition
– one medium 50/52 (chest 42” leg 34”) £30
– one small 46/48 (chest 38” leg 33”) £30

OR £450 the lot.

Contact John – 01404 890114
Posted Mar ‘19

For Sale

1. Sheriff Apiarist bee suit, Khaki medium – never worn. £75

2. Thomas 3 frame tangential honey extractor with strainer and honey tank in good condition. £150

Phone number: 01404 891696 – email: corydon379@btinternet.com
Posted Feb ‘19

For Sale
Child bee suit

BJ Sherriff bee suit
Age 10 – 12
Hardly used
Telephone 07535 987 648
Posted Jan ‘19

For Sale

SAF spinner

SAF Compatto tangential honey extractor complete with stainless steel sieve and settling tank, as new. £180


Guide to Bees and Honey by Ted Hooper. £5

Contact Chard 01460 68361

Posted Feb ’18

For Sale (National hive kit except where indicated)

1 Nine frame nuc box (queen rearing nuc)
3 Brood box dummy boards
1 Pack wired shallow foundation (bit battered but usable for super frames)
1 Large box frame pins
2 Round feeders
2 Honey buckets
1 Stainless double strainer
1 Fine mesh sieve (for honey bucket)
1 Rectangular settling tank with tap
1 Honey bucket pouring aid. Metal. Fits on the side of above settling tank
2 Conical sieves
1 Mouse guard (National)
3 Pairs WBC sliding mouse guards
1 Pair long leather gloves
1 Pair wrist gauntlets (as new)
1 Uncapping knife
1 Drone uncapping comb for varroa control
Cut comb cutter (4Oz I think)
Bits and pieces including spare metal runners, varroa floor mesh, and containers
Frame display case for National super frame
Thornes national 5 frame observation hive/nuc box + dummy board and frame feeder, built in queen excluder, crown board and nuc lid.

£200 for all the above

Enquiries to Cliff Marriott, Colyton   pamandcliff66@gmail.com , mob: 07951 316145.

Posted Feb ‘19