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2019-20 Winter Meetings Programme (PDF file)

Events Colour Code:
Green = external site of beekeeping or general interest
Red = Beginners Event, Things you Must Know in Year 1 and beyond
Black = Things you Should Know and Practice

Winter Programme 2019 – 2020





Thursday 5th December 1930hrs
Kilmington Village Hall
‘Swarming experiences’ and Social
Hear some amusing and instructive anecdotes from our swarm collectors
Tuesday 14th January, 2020, 1930hrs – joint meeting with West Dorset branch
Christian Fellowship Hall, 4-5 King’s Square, East St, Bridport DT6 3QD
‘Self-sufficiency: Locally adapted bees and Apicentric beekeeping’ – Talk by Wally Shaw
Wally will look at why his bees survive in the unforgiving climate of Anglesey and what makes them, and him, successful.
Thursday 6th February 1930hrs
Kilmington Village Hall
‘Managing bees for oilseed rape’ – Talk by Lynne Ingrams
Lynne, a very knowledgeable and experienced Master Beekeeper, will tackle oil seed rape and its consequences. If you want it, how do you prepare to get the best; if you don’t like the drawbacks, how do you mitigate them?
Thursday 5th March 1930hrs
Kilmington Village Hall
‘Asian Hornet: Jersey Experience, Devon Actions?’ – Talk by Dr Sarah Bunker
Sarah Bunker’s recent book is the best guide to all things AH. Based on her 2018 trip to help Jersey beekeepers fight the AH invasion, she reports on the biology, impact and control measures of the hornet. Listen, learn and be prepared.
Thursday 2nd April 1930hrs
Kilmington Village Hall
‘The Bee Farmer’s Work Arounds’ – Talk by Dan Basterfield NDB
Dan is probably our most experienced and certainly our most qualified member. From the theory to the practise, he manages over 100 colonies and earns his living, in one way or another, from bees. Who better to lift the lid on how one can work efficiently to the benefit of both the bees and the beekeeper?


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