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Dear Members,
It is with deep regret, that EDBK is suspending all meetings and activities for the foreseeable future. Under the current coronavirus guidelines, it is essential we respect the situation and the health of our members and that of their families.
Beginners classes are being looked at and we hope to be able to offer some sort of remote tuition.
We will keep you all up to date as and when the situation changes.
Alasdair Bruce (Acting Chair).

Click HERE for Richard’s Notes for Beginners


Summer programme 2020 (PDF file)

Events Colour Code:
Green = external site of beekeeping or general interest
Red = Beginners Event, Things you Must Know in Year 1 and beyond
Black = Things you Should Know and Practice

Summer Programme 2020





Thursday 2nd April 1930hrs
Kilmington Village Hall
‘The Bee Farmer’s Work Arounds’ – Talk by Dan Basterfield NDB
Dan is probably our most experienced and certainly our most qualified member. From the theory to the practise, he manages over 100 colonies and earns his living, in one way or another, from bees. Who better to lift the lid on how one can work efficiently to the benefit of both the bees and the beekeeper?
Saturday 4th April 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
1. My Season’s Initial Plan
2. My First Inspection
3. My Season’s New Plan
Simon Foster. Committee: John Badley
Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th April
Harper Adams University College, Salop TF10 8NB
BBKA Spring Convention
See: www.britishbee.org.uk
Saturday 11th April 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary (subject to weather)
Beginners Course: Opening Hives, Lighting Smokers, First Aid
Apiary Team + RS. Committee: Sarah Collins
Saturday 18th April 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Absolutely No More Swarms from Me!
John Badley. Committee: Mary Boulton
Saturday 25th April 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Beginners Course: Getting Started, Handling Bees
Apiary Team. Committee: Keith Bone
Saturday 2nd May 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Taking Other People’s Swarms
Alastair Bruce. Committee: Nikki Langley
SUNDAY 10th May 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Inspecting for Diseease
David Packham, SBI. Committee: Richard Simpson
Thursday 14th – Saturday 16th May
Devon County Show
Stewards needed. Contact: harriet.brooks-007@hotmail.co.uk
Saturday 23rd May 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Catching your Honey Crop – jarred, cut comb, sections & ‘loose’
Nick Silver, David Shale. Committee: Sarah Collins
Saturday 30th May. 1000 – 1600hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Kit Clean Up, repair & sale, wax recovery
Apiary Team. Committee: Hilary Kirkcaldie
Saturday 13th June 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Bad Tempered Bees
John Badley. Committee: Ralph Cox
Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st June, 1000 – 1800hrs
Axminster Show Ground
Axevale Garden Festival
Branch Marquee. Stewards needed. Contact: Rosemary Maggs rosemary.maggs@hotmail.com
Saturday 27th June 1000-1600hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Improvers’ Workshop (no charge but booking required)
David Shale, Richard Simpson, Simon Foster
Fri, Sat, Sun 3-5th July
Goren Farm
Goren Farm Festival
Sat: Mary and Nigel Boulton
Sun: Simon Foster + A.N.Other
Sunday 5th July 1630 – 1900hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Eat, Drink and be Merry – Social
Committee, all
Saturday 18th July 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
After the Crop, What do I do Now? All members + Asian hornet monitoring
Simon Foster. Committee: Nikki Langley
Thursday 6th August
Honiton Show Ground
Bees & Honey Marquee, Stewards wanted. Contact Keith Bone: charandale@gmail.com
Saturday 8th August 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Beginners Course – Extracting and Preparing Honey
David Shale. Committee: Alasdair Bruce
Saturday 5th September 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Beginners Course – Preparing for Winter. Checking stores, feeding, queen assessment, combining colonies
David Chambers. Committee: Colin Osborne
Saturday 19th September 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary – All Members
Cleaning & storing equipment
Apiary Team. Committee: Val Bone


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