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Download  2019 Summer Meetings Programme (PDF file)

Events Colour Code:
Green = external site of beekeeping or general interest
Red = Beginners Event, Things you Must Know in Year 1 and beyond
Black = Things you Should Know and Practice

Summer Programme 2019





Thursday 16th – Saturday 18th May
Devon County Show
Stewards needed. Contact: harriet.brooks-007@hotmail.co.uk
Saturday 18th May 1000hrs – 1600hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Improvers’ Workshop Booking required
Leaders: John Badley, David Shale, Colin Sherwood, Richard Simpson
Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th May
Park Farm, Raymonds Hill Road, Nr Axminster EX13 8TB
River Cottage Food Fair
Branch Marquee, Stewards wanted. Contact Mary Boulton: mary.boulton@btinternet.com
Saturday 1st June 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Kit Clean Up, repair & sale, wax recovery
David Shale. Committee: Hilary Kirkcaldie
Saturday 15th June 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Queen Assessment
John Badley. Refreshments: Kath West
Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd June, 1000 – 1800hrs
Axminster Show Ground
Axevale Garden Festival
Branch Marquee. Stewards needed. Contact: Rosemary Maggs rosemary.maggs@hotmail.com
Saturday 29th June 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Migratory Beekeeping: next up, heather
TBA Committee Ralph Cox
Saturday 6th July 1630 1900hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Eat, Drink and be Merry – Social
Committee, all
Saturday 13th July 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Beginners Course – Varroa Control. All members, Asian hornet update
John Badley. Committee: Peter Weller
Sunday 14th July 1200hrs for 1330hrs
Drone Congregation Update (and demo)
Thursday 1st August
Honiton Show Ground
Bees & Honey Marquee, Stewards wanted. Contact Keith Bone: charandale@gmail.com
Saturday 10th August 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Beginners Course – Extracting and Preparing Honey
David Shale. Committee: Richard Simpson
Saturday 7th September 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary
Beginners Course – Preparing for Winter Checking stores, feeding, queen assessment,combining colonies
David Chambers. Committee: Colin Osborne
Saturday 21st September 1430hrs
Hunthay Apiary – All Members
Cleaning & storing equipment
David Shale. Committee: Val Bone


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