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Bee Health

‘The Good’. Some features of healthy bee brood.

Images labelled * Courtesy The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), Crown Copyright.

Queen bee Queen bee laying
Worker and drone Eggs
Young larvae Healthy brood
Drone brood Newly emerged worker
Comb building Nectar processing
Honey making Undertaker bee
Honey comb Workers on honey comb
Pollen Worker comb

‘The Bad’. Some features of not-so-healthy bee brood.

Bald brood Chalk brood
Chalk brood 'mummies' * Deformed wing virus
Drone laying workers Evidence of Nosema
Queen being 'balled' Queen laying problem
Sac brood Wax moth
Winter losses Varroa mite

‘The Ugly’. The notifiable pests and diseases.

American foul brood Matchstick test for AFB
European foul brood European foul brood scales
Small hive beetle Small hive beetle larvae
Tropilaelaps mite