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We Are East Devon Beekeepers!

Abandoned hive

We sometimes get asked to deal with abandoned hives. Not a pretty sight!

Old entrance

Ivy growing into the hive and old honey oozing out of the entrance.

Crown board

The colony has obviously been short of space at some point in the past.

Queen excluder

Rotten woodwork shows it has been abandoned for a few years.

Rotton floor

The floor was too rotten to move but bees still happily going in and out.

New brood box

National super with new foundation placed on top of old Commercial box.

Rearranged boxes

Tape up the gaps. Add a feeder. Wait for bees to move up into new home.

Stage two

Stage two. New stand & floor. Queen in National brood box. Old Commercial box will go on top.

Old Commercial box

The old Commercial box will be removed when all the brood has hatched.

End of stage two

End of stage two. The colony is still a bit tetchy despite the new accommodation.

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Honeybee eggs and larvae
Drone emerging. Large compound eyes visible.
Bees feeding on honey. The antenna cleaner is visible 
Queen laying an egg, with attendants
Worker bees building comb. Note mandibles, compound eyes and ocelli
Worker bees storing nectar. Pollen press clearly visible on rear leg.
Honeybee on grape hyacinth with white pollen
Bumblebee on Centaurea. Note length of tongue.
Honeybee on gorse
Honeybee on Gaillardia showing pollen sticking to hairs.
Honeybee wing structure and plumose hairs.
White tailed bumble bee on Echinacea