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Here you will find information for East Devon Beekeepers branch members, including downloads of the current and archive Newsletters below, information about the branch library, reminders about bee management and disease control, ‘For Sale’ and ‘Wanted’ and more.

The Buzz from the Branch News Letter – June

Dear Members,

Two sessions to note for this month. One for Beginners. The other for Improvers. Both 2.30pm at the Beeshed.

1st June – Beginners will be looking into a hive and based on what they see will interpret what is happening in the hive.

8th June – Improvers will learn how to clip a queen and look at the Miller method of raising more queens.
If you haven’t done already, it would be appreciated if you would let Nick Silver know (silvernicholas@hotmail.com) if you wish to attend the Improvers session, in order to organise equipment for numbers attending.

🚿🧽🧹🪣29th June 2.30pm should be a big event in your bee calendar as it’s our first kit cleaning session of the summer at the beeshed.🚿🧹🪣🧽
PLEASE COME ALONG (especially Beginners). WE NEED YOUR HELP.
Dress code – nothing posh as its guaranteed to be messy, sticky and everything else associated with all things wax, propolis and honey.

Honiton Show
Anyone who would like to be a steward at the show please let Keith have your name (unless he already knows about you).

Showtime 2024 kicked off on Bank Holiday Monday . Thanks to Alasdair, Kim, Duncan and Barbara for our presence at the Stockland Show. A somewhat wet and muddy experience this year! Lots of interest in the Asian Hornet display.

Land for Bees
We have an offer of an out apiary site – a small field just outside Stockland . The corner of the field is on offer to any beekeeper. The field has not been sprayed for 15yrs, has established fruit trees, and wildflowers.

A second offer is at Beer. A wild flower meadow of one hectare coming into flower now, with 50 acres of hedge rows and general farm fauna as well.
Let me know if you wish to pursue either offer.

📚📗📚 Branch Library 📚📗📚
A reminder that the branch has its own library of beekeeping books. For the summer these are now in the Beeshed. If you come to a summer session then please take some time to browse through the books and if you wish to borrow any copy please sign out in the register provided. Did you also know that a complete list of the books we hold can be found on our website (eastdevonbk.co.uk). Use the drop down Members section on the menu bar and you will see the Library heading. One more click and you will see you can download a compete list of all our books. If you want to reserve a book from the list just send a request to our librarian Simon Norton (librarian@edbk.co.uk) and he will advise you further.

A big thank you to Stan Wroe who is managing our swarm arrangements with great aplomb. 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 Please do all you can to make this busy and demanding time of year run as smoothly as possible for all. Be prepared for swarm arrivals and keep phones etc connected if you are someone awaiting a swarm. Swarm collectors also, your help is much appreciated.

Asian Hornet Verifiers
Sadly we have not received any response to the request for members to act as Asian Hornet verifiers. It’s a lengthy title that just means you can give back up confirmation to anyone who thinks she /he has spotted an AH.
Please think again and help Devon to build up a network of verifiers. Let Kevin Jackson have your name please.
See page 22 in the June/July edition of Beekeeping magazine by Judith Norman.

Advance notice🎉📣
A reminder that our annual, no charge summer social at the beeshed is Sunday 7th July at 4.30pm. More details nearer the time but make sure you have the date in your diary. Other halves always welcome but sorry no dogs please 🐾.



Chair: Alasdair Bruce. chair24@edbk.co.uk

Treasurer: Keith Bone. charandale@gmail.com

Secretary: Val Bone. val.valbone@gmail.com

Swarms: Stan Wroe. stanwroe@aol.com

Buzz archive. Download current or previous issues.

Winter Varroa treatment – Oxybee solution

Treatment around Christmas / beginning of January aims to catch the Varroa when there is no brood for Varroa to hide in.


  • The solution should not be too cold, nearer blood heat would be good.  The day can be cold with the bees well clustered.
  • Ideally draw up 50ml solution in a syringe.
  • Have a lit smoker handy (but should not be needed if crown board removed very carefully).
  • Between the brood frames are ‘seams’ of bees. Use 5ml for each seam of bees. Only treat the bees, do not put the solution down empty seams/gaps.  So if there are only 4 seams of bees only use 20 ml.
  • Practice with water beforehand so that you know how to deliver 5 ml along each seam.  We find that 5 ml is a continuous series of little drops.
  • If you have a super on top of the brood box and you know the cluster is below it, you can remove the super gently to treat the bees.

Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Productive New Beekeeping Year!

Notes from the Oxybee Instructions:

  • Oxybee is an acidic substance. Use gloves and eye protection.
  • Oxybee shall only be applied in brood free colonies.
  • Do not use higher doses than recommended.
  • Outside temperature should be at least 3°C during treatment.
  • Use only once per colony.

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