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Here you will find information for East Devon Beekeepers branch members, including downloads of the current and archive Newsletters below, information about the branch library, reminders about bee management and disease control, ‘For Sale’ and ‘Wanted’ and more.

The Buzz from the Branch News Letter – April

Dear Members,
All smiles with our beginners honey cake competition.

Congratulations 🥇🥈🥉to Bob (1st), Jayne (2nd) and Katie (3rd), and of course to all our beginners who entered our “bake off” with such enthusiasm. Our thanks to Kath West and Helen Bithrey for judging. Our beginners have completed their theory course and will embark shortly on their practical work at the hives in the branch apiary. Well done thus far ✅.

Forthcoming Meeting 📢
Our final winter meeting is coming up. Thursday April 4th 7.30 pm at Kilmington Village Hall. A double, if not quadruple, helping of member presentations. Stan Wroe (our swarm co-ordinator) and Mike Jones will present ‘Swarm Removal from the Inside‘ – an account of the occasion they were asked to remove bees from a shed’s cavity. ⚒️ Hammers, chisels, saws and elastic bands are not quite the usual beekeeper’s tools when removing swarms, so what happened and how?
Also presenting will be John Badley and Nick Silver. ‘To Clip or not To Clip – That is the Question?‘ 🐝 They will discuss the cases for and against Queen clipping, why you should or shouldn’t and if you do how?
Sounds like a good evening so do come along.

🐝🐝SWARMS🐝🐝- yes the time will be on us before we know it. Our swarm co-ordinator Stan Wroe is poised to start the swarm list for the season. Please contact him direct if you require a swarm. PLEASE provide him with this information:

  • Your name.
  • Your address and if different your apiary address.
  • Your home landline number.
  • A ‘What Three Words’ is also very useful.
  • Your mobile number.
  • Your email address.

The more accurate the information you provide, the more successful will be your swarm acquisition and a great help to Stan and our swarm collectors who volunteer their time and energy. Most importantly, be ready to receive. That means your hive is set up and waiting to receive the bees.

Land for Bees
Two out apiary sites have come available, one in an orchard 🌳 on a small farm in Cotleigh, near Honiton and another on land at Sand, Sidbury. If you are interested in knowing more, then email me.

Basic Assessment and Modules
Just a reminder to contact Richard if you would like to do the training for your Basic this season. Email : rsimpson48@aol.com

Also if you are interested in further development then this can be provided by Module study groups. Interested parties should contact Nick Silver silvernicholas@hotmail.com

Dates for shows we will attend:
Stockland Fair – 27th May
Dalwood Fair – 17th August
Colyford Goose Fayre- 28th Sep
These are in addition to Goren Farm Festival and Honiton Shows as per your summer programme.
If you wish to volunteer for a shift at the Honiton Show (Thursday 1st August) please email Keith.


Chair: Alasdair Bruce. chair24@edbk.co.uk

Treasurer: Keith Bone. charandale@gmail.com

Secretary: Val Bone. val.valbone@gmail.com

Buzz archive. Download current or previous issues.

Winter Varroa treatment – Oxybee solution

Treatment around Christmas / beginning of January aims to catch the Varroa when there is no brood for Varroa to hide in.


  • The solution should not be too cold, nearer blood heat would be good.  The day can be cold with the bees well clustered.
  • Ideally draw up 50ml solution in a syringe.
  • Have a lit smoker handy (but should not be needed if crown board removed very carefully).
  • Between the brood frames are ‘seams’ of bees. Use 5ml for each seam of bees. Only treat the bees, do not put the solution down empty seams/gaps.  So if there are only 4 seams of bees only use 20 ml.
  • Practice with water beforehand so that you know how to deliver 5 ml along each seam.  We find that 5 ml is a continuous series of little drops.
  • If you have a super on top of the brood box and you know the cluster is below it, you can remove the super gently to treat the bees.

Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Productive New Beekeeping Year!

Notes from the Oxybee Instructions:

  • Oxybee is an acidic substance. Use gloves and eye protection.
  • Oxybee shall only be applied in brood free colonies.
  • Do not use higher doses than recommended.
  • Outside temperature should be at least 3°C during treatment.
  • Use only once per colony.

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